ERASMUS + BBC Recycling jeans Competition

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Dans le cadre du projet ERASMUS + Transition Ecologique et de la séquence Green fashion, les 214 ont rivalisé d'imagination et ont défendu en anglais leur création éco-responsable réalisée à partir d'un vieux jean .

Deux articles rédigés par 2 élèves de la classe :

The 214 (group B) at the

BBC Recycling pair of jeans Competition at the Aiguerande high school !

To Have The Best Environmental Project !

On Thursday and Friday 5th and 6th February, the 214 (group B) of the Aiguerande high school took part in the BBC Recycling pair of jeans Competition. Each student had to convince his or her classmates that he or she had the best environmental project.

To do this, the student had to create an item of clothing or an accessories with an old pair of jeans, and to present it to the class. He had to explain what his objectives and motivations were for participating in this competition, and in wich context we can use his or her object.

Then, as a menber of the jury, they had to questionner the contestant about his or her preparation time, target audience, the difficulties, the environmental impact, the easiness of upkeeping, the cost and the equipment used, to be able to choose the best environmental project.

This experience allowed them to explore their creativity, to think about the environment and the influence of greenhouse gas on the planet, to feel responsible, to be able to preserve it, to be eco-friendly and to take action, and even, to encourage pepole to be eco-friendly. Indeed, after the competition, 6 of them became eco-friendly, 1 of them was already eco-friendly and 5 of them did not really become eco-friendly.


Hi, did you know that for produce one pair of jeans we need 200 gallons of water ?

That’s insane ! So, for limited the over exploitation of water you can use different method :


    - Buying or selling your pre-loved clothes with an application, such as the popular United Wardrobe or Vinted. 

    - Giving your clothes to charity shops, like Oxfam. 

    - Or also recycling your clothes and making some new clothes, accessories or things.


This is why for our sequence about sustainable fashion we decided to create a little competition of creation of clothes and accessories from recycled textile, such as the BBC recycling competition. Every student or group of students had to, from a cheap jeans, create an accessories or an objects, also a new clothe and after present it in English to the other students with their motivations to protect the environment and the Earth. 

As honours reference we have :

    - The washable makeup removal pads by Aline. 

    - The different handbags by Mathieu, Romane and Capucine, Cassandra and Anais.

    - The soft toys by Marine and Albane. 

    - The customised pot by Anais. 

Articles written by two 214 students

Many thanks to both of them  :)

                                                                                                                                                                     Dorothée Smaglo, English teacher

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